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The real cost to build out

We want to arm you with the data to make informed decisions about your real estate. By harnessing our Project and Development Services’ business intelligence data, our 2018 office fit out compares build out costs across office styles and space quality and complexity.

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What’s the cost to build out your space?

Compare costs across 59 markets to understand what a tenant can expect to pay when building out progressive, moderate and traditional style offices.

The real deal

You now have in your hands a powerful tool that will help you understand the tangible costs of building out an office space and how it compares across U.S. and Canada. Leveraging more than 2,800 of our own projects you will find details on what you can expect to pay for new office space across the 59 markets.

A complete cost guide


This guide details what you can expect to pay, all in, to build out a new office space across the U.S. and Canada. 


We leveraged over 2,800 JLL project budgets within the U.S. and Canada


To provide benchmark costs to help you make informed decisions about the construction process.

2018: A deeper look

Construction costs rose 3 percent through 2017 and are expected to follow suit heading into 2018 and beyond. Office leasing fundamentals are pivoting as new construction deliveries begin to outpace leasing demand. Tenant improvement (TI) allowances spiked as landlords of both new and existing assets compete for tenants. The future of work and workplace continues to evolve in response to a dynamic workforce and changing needs.


All of these trends underline the fact that being an educated occupier in today’s environment is essential to long-term success and an effective real estate strategy.

Office fit out matrix

New to our 2018 Office Fit Out Guide is the Office Fit Out Matrix, a tool to help you understand office fit out costs on a deeper, more relevant level, and begin to see how a handful of dynamics can impact your office space design and cost.

The Office Fit Out Matrix utilizes and compares two main factors – Office Style and Space Quality and Complexity, and displays how choices in each category can affect your bottom line. Download the full report to see the breakdown among 59 markets.

As a new addition to our 2018 guide, we break down costs by office style and space quality to help narrow down a cost closer towards your specific office goals. 

Office style

Takes into account differences in employee density, private office/workstation ratios and space and floor plan layout. 

Space quality and complexity

Accounts for varying factors in quality of selected finishes and improvements, complexity of space upgrades and amount of technology add-ins.

Average per-square-foot cost to build out an office matrix

Power in numbers

This guide was built off:

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