What is Coliving?

All-inclusive communal living, where tenants enter into individual lease agreements in exchange for private bedrooms, shared community spaces and building amenities.

How does Coliving measure up?


This is an emerging market:
Of the total U.S. investment grade Coliving inventory, 55.1% was delivered in 2018.


Creating value for investors:
Coliving assets can capture a more than 30% net rent premium* p.s.f. compared conventional apartments.


The product is evolving:
Specifically, the developments are becoming much larger. In 2018, new developments had double the bed count of Coliving assets that entered the market between 2014 and 2017, speaking to the institutionalization of the market.

  • Bedroom inventory
  • Bedrooms per asset

Development, funding and asset size


And there's more to come:
By 2021, 84% of total Coliving inventory will be comprised of new deliveries, reflecting a 21.6 percentage point increase over current proportion.


There’s more funding:
Global fundraising in the Coliving space has leapt by 210%+ annually since 2015; there was $800.0 million secured in early 2019 with another $283.0 million in the pipeline.


Bedrooms to market:
Top operators brought 1,800 bedrooms to market in the U.S. over the past year with asset floorplates holding nearly twice the number of bedrooms than comparably sized conventional multifamily assets

  • Inventory by asset size
  • Development funding