A quick guide to the tech markets in the U.S.

We’ve analyzed labor markets to uncover talent pools that you didn’t know existed

In all our years tracking the industry we’ve learned a few things:

The country’s largest tech markets aren’t changing anytime soon, but they can be measured in a variety of ways. 

All the secondary tech markets have been uncovered, or have they? Depends on what you’re looking for.

There’s an opportunity for tertiary markets to create their own innovation engine, but it will take time to create scale.

Talent is the number one location driver for tech companies, but it comes in all shapes and sizes.

How the JLL Tech Locator Index was developed

One event or instance doesn’t make a trend, one data point doesn’t draw a conclusion.

In developing the Tech Locator Index, we start with a process of discovery.

The result of this discovery is a model that measures metrics within the following three sub-indices:

  1. Momentum: 
    Measured by the size of the tech employment base and the industry’s momentum.
  2. Talent: 
    Measured by the size of the population and characteristics of the population, and educational attainment characteristics.
  3. Cost favorability and accessibility: 
    Measured by the cost of wages, living, and real estate, with a forward-looking perspective on affordability and transit access.

Each market performs differently when measured by just one of the three sub-indices, but when combined each component comprises a portion of a market’s total Tech Market Score.