YOY Fee revenue growth 

YOY Profit growth

Here’s how we drive value across Corporate Solutions


  • 9 workstreams collaborated across AM, EMEA and APAC to develop a global framework to drive improvement and align capabilities and offerings
  • 17 team members broadened their careers by relocating across the country and the world
  • Project app adoption increased by 136% globally
  • Elevated our focus on health and safety across all regions 
  • 96% of PDS in the U.S. is now OSHA 10 trained

RPM platform


  • Rebranded to Relocation Project Management and enhanced marketing materials, proposal development site, pricing sheets, case study library, BI data collection, RPM framework, toolkit and integrated playbook 
  • In 2017, RPM rolled out a new BI platform, a proposal development web site and a toolkit website in addition to revamping their home page and public website
  • Expanded into the San Francisco Bay variable market 

Notable Rebids and Contract Extensions:

  • National Cancer Institute five year option contract for a total of $5,500,000 (includes JLL services and subs)
  • SEC, DISA, DIA, DHS, Duke Energy

Notable Dedicated and Variable Wins:

  • Dell ($1.5M), CNA, HP, Virginia Commonwealth University

Achieve Ambitions

  • JLL launched a new, powerful brand update and visual identity

  • All new and refreshed marketing materials and a messaging guide on how to talk to our clients about our new brand promise, Achieve Ambitions, are available on the BDC

  • New and improved web content—traffic to our sites has increased 19% with over 140,000 visits!

  • Added 75+ projects and two new countries to our Building Inspiration global online portfolio site

New Business

Won/expanded/renewed 16 accounts, including:

Added and promoted more than 370 high-performing team members

Improved our platform and service offerings

Capital Planning

  • Capital Planning revenue up by 60%
  • More forward looking from a financial aspect based on depreciation in addition to cash flow capabilities 
  • 136,000 projects and $28.5B in project value currently captured in our tools
  • Client cost avoidance: $8.5B
  • More than 25 clients
  • 120 million s.f. planned
  • Product revenue $5M
  • Projected 2018 revenue $7M


  • 37,737 projects in Project app across AM, EMEA and APAC
  • CS Americas 82% utilize Project app
  • PDS Portal: 340k+ hits in 2017, average 1,300k+ users daily
  • PDS BI Portal: 2/3 of PDS use the PDS portal monthly
  • Project Cost tool launch in 2017 to increase productivity, minimize risk and drive financial consistency across projects
  • Project app site re-architecture project restructure of 28,408 projects across 9 large CS accounts to enable growth, speed and productivity 
  • In 2017, 424 new project managers were introduced to Project app, 251 coming from CS
  • 32,292 projects created by CS in 2017 across 54 active CHPs
  • 1,845 distinct project managers (includes IFM and other SL’s) across CS client home pages

Putting Your Data to Work

  • Cross selling: Using CS Data, PDS BI delivered insights that identified 98 CS cross selling opportunities
  • Integrated Delivery:  Business Intelligence + Research + Synergy Program + Marketing =
  • Tenant Fit-Out Guide: Highest clicked email of 2017 with 1,500+ downloads, 65% of clicks were prospective clients
  • Synergy series emails opened 3,400+ times
  • Healthcare Outpatient Renovation Guide clicked 1,700 times, 40% of the clicks were prospective clients
  • Published the Technology Fit-Out Guide
  • Our publications were mentioned in national media 15+ in 2017

Creating greater opportunity for our PDS team

Award winning culture

  • Capital Planning: Da Vinci Gold Quantum Leap Team
  • #7 in ENR’s Top 50 Program Management Firms
  • #5 in ENR’s Top 100 Construction Management Firms
  • World’s Most Ethical Companies 9th consecutive year
  • 50 Out Front for Diversity Leadership: Best Places for Women & Diverse Managers to Work
  • Forbes America’s Best Employers list

Strong employee engagement

  • Over 37,000 training hours completed
  • 96% OSHA 10 Construction Certified
  • Platform improvements: Project Cost tool, Integrated Playbook, Project Review Program, PDS Onboarding Toolkit
  • Synergy results: Managed $670M in CS spend with Synergy partners delivering $77M in Synergy savings for CS and markets, approx. 50% in CS & $1.4M was savings direct to JLL
  • Developed Workplace Strategy Council to collaborate with key Synergy partners on workplace trends
  • Trained 23 accounts on sourcing and Synergy
  • Published 17 case studies, added 8 new suppliers

Our people are our best asset

  • 142 non-officer promotions
  • 23 officer promotions
  • 318 new hires
  • 2017 Leadership Award Winners:
  • People Excellence: Lucy Coehlo
  • Account of the Year: JPMC
  • 33 mentor/protégé pairs completed the Mentoring Program
  • 9 Emerging Leaders
  • 300 JLL attendees at PLC
  • Demystifying Compensation Brown Bag was the highest attended brown bag of 2017