Do you still want to build a 

To operate or not to operate?

Will you self operate?

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Great. Download the full report for a checklist of questions to consider.


What kind of operator will you choose?
  • A multi-vendor operator 

  • A single brand operator 

A multi-vendor operator curates a mix of stalls with vendors that are each an individual business, typically from the local community or region.

A single brand operator will run all stalls with their own concepts. Many single brand operators produce food halls based on a single cuisine or that are driven by a celebrity chef or well-known brand.

What is your brand?

What kind of food hall will you build?

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Marketplaces often serve multiple needs and sell both goods and food and have spaces dedicated to each.


Incubators want to elevate local chefs and businesses by providing opportunities to scale.


Convenience-based food halls encourage quick entrances and exits and may align more closely with a food court.

Community focused

Community focused food halls offer regular activities and events that encourage community members to come to the food hall and experience both food and fun. 

How will you design for success?

Will you let vendors customize their space?

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This will elevate the local flare that each of your vendors brings to the table, allowing them to create unique spaces that are their own.


If there is no customization, your food hall concept is probably more aligned with a single tenant operator in which one master designer will design every stall.

A little of both

The most common option is providing design criteria that will guide vendors. Generally, developers and operators will provide furniture, fixtures and equipment for all tenants and vendors, and then allow for individual stalls to have logos and signs.

How will you curate

your vendors?

How will you develop your vendor roster?

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All burgeoning local talent

Choosing vendors that embody the market or neighborhood helps to build identity and gives both locals and tourists alike reasons to visit and try a great selection of local cuisine.

Established existing businesses

More experienced vendors that have already expanded their business can add stability to your food hall and help reduce risk.

Will you have anchor tenants?


It can be easier to obtain financing with one or more anchors with longer term lease agreements. Lenders feel more comfortable with more typical lease structures providing stability to these types of projects.


Similar sized inline vendors create consistency across the food hall and allow each vendor to have identical contracts and lease terms.