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This guide is a powerful tool we’ve created to help you understand the real cost of renovating a tech office space, covering every major city across the nation.

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Where did this data come from?

The fit-out costs for each market depict the average expenses of building out a comparable tech office across the country, and take into account the unique cost elements of each city. These totals were created by compiling nearly 200 JLL Project and Development Services managed tech tenant projects, and paint a comprehensive picture of the average amount a tenant will pay for a new office space.

Top 10 markets by % premium over U.S. average

When looking at the top markets by the premium they can expect to pay to fit-out a tech space over the U.S. average, and taking in to account both local costs of construction and market-specific TI allowances, the results can be surprising.

JLL Project and Development Services has managed many projects that put tech fit out trends into action. See three case studies on
cutting-edge tech spaces covering high, standard and base level fit-outs.

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